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Apple Park Glass Doors

I was casually scrolling YouTube and was about to click on a video touring Apple's headquarter. And then I remembered, I've literally been in there multiple times.

Anyway, I still watched it lol. It mentioned that "people have concerns about the glass wall / door" and I'd say that's an understatement. I still remember during the first few weeks when it opened, there was a rumor that 3 different people got hospitalized for walking into them.

People started putting post-it notes on them but they were quickly taken down and were told it's prohibited because it's breaks the aesthetics. 🤷 This went on for weeks / months (like people running into glass doors). I know because I almost did myself too (multiple times) lol.

Some even joked that we should probably start walking with our hand up in front so you won't run into these doors face first.

Anyway, they ended up adding some small design elements in some of these doors so you can tell them apart while still not breaking the aesthetics in the grand scheme of things (as in its still fully see through from afar).

I did leave before the rainbow stage was built though so I guess good to know it looks even prettier now.