Commissioned image icon of me coding with a pair of black headphones on while sitting on a pink
                  bean bag wearing a light blue hoodie. The laptop is purple with a bunch of mostly MLH demo
                  stickers on it.

BinHong Lee

👋 I'm a 🇲🇾 Software Engineer currently based in the Bay Area. You might know me from working at FB (Search -> Dating -> Login), or previously at Apple (Siri).

Used to be more active on startups in my previous life. Co-founded Humanity X with some awesome people. Also worked on OrderPoint and JourneyNow with a bunch of cool folks for a minute.

I sometimes mentor, speak, and judge at hackathons. Feel free to hit me up for anything from resume review to mentorship. I don't currently do mock interviews but I'm happy to share my own interview experiences and advices. I only provide referral for people whom I've either worked with or know on a personal capacity.

If you find any of my side projects below interesting, I'm happy to work with you and onboarding you onto the project!

Side projects



Open for anything from casual chat to mentorship. Feel free to drop me a DM on any of these platforms. I can't promise to be the most responsive but I'll do my best to respond asap. If you don't hear back in like 3 days, definitely ping me again!


Interested in exploring interview and speaking engagement. If you think there's anything else that might interest me, feel free to send them my way too! DMs on the platforms above works fine but here's my email if you prefer.