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Manager is extremely important to you when it comes to your job. Most people when talking about manager only focuses on toxic manager to avoid but even when a manager isn't toxic, it could still impact your life negatively.

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Keep in mind that toxic managers exist and these below don't apply to them. I'm starting from a good faith assumption that your manager wants to help you and you both are trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.


It's always tricky at first. You're not sure how your manager prefers to manage their team and they don't know how you prefer to be managed. If this is your first job, maybe even you don't know how you prefer to be managed. (Similarly if that's a first time manager.)


It will take time but it's important to constantly both ask for feedback and give feedback. Tell your manager if you prefer one thing over another and vice versa. (e.g., sms vs chat vs email, level of support, mentorship etc)


I heavily disagree with a lot of people out there that'd say "I just ignore management and focus on doing my thing". This is how you ended up not getting recognized for your work which is detrimental for both you and the team.


In most occasions, your manager represents you doing your performance evaluation. Keeping your manager in the loop with what you're doing helps them defend you and your decision during the evaluation.


I wouldn't say it's explicitly your job to keep your manager in the loop as most good managers would lead you this direction (and ask you for things they need) but you're making their job harder if you "ignores them" (and indirectly making your own job less rewarding).


Tldr, talk to your manager, figure out the best way of communications, ask and give quick feedback, keep them in the know of things you do.

Hopefully you find these helpful! I swear I have a ton of these in my drafts but some takes longer to get completed than the others.