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Getting credit for your work

When I first started working, I do a lot of things that I thought was valuable to the company but was almost never credited for it. This range from things like reporting an eventual SEVs to running afterwork workshop to teach git.

First off, focus on the core part of your job. No matter how good and how many bonus categories you hit, if you can do the main thing the company hire you for, it's no good. Maybe consider switching to a role more fitting of the value you provide if that's a possibility.

I wrote previously about how I write a weekly post at work to document what I did. This helps me remember I did the thing. Make sure to always have a link to the bug ticket or event page and link them when comes time for performance review.

Find out what's your expectations to better figure out how to fit your work into your perf. Perf can be about stories sometimes so give your manager a good story to tell. You might not be able to quantify the impact but qualitative one are equally valuable (people thanking you).

Always keep your manager in the loop. Make sure they know you're doing things and are supportive. In many companies, your manager represent you when comes time for deciding on your perf. Help your manager understand the value and why you do them.

Finally, getting buy-ins from a larger group. This doesn't apply to everything but sometimes what you're doing is needed for other team as well. Loop them in and work together on it.

Hopefully you find this thread helpful. Sorry I missed last week, it's been quite busy for me. Feel free to hmu if you have any questions!