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Being a mentor

I do some adhoc mentorship here and there. (If you're in some of FB groups I'm in, you might see my profile available for mentorship on there.) I do the same internally as well. So why should you do it and how do you start?


One of the main reason I do this is because I want to become someone I wish to have met when I was younger. As an international student, I spent way too much time searching for resources or even reading the USCIS website. I wished someone would lay out my options to me clearer.

For a more selfish reason, it helps me deal with my imposter syndrome. I'd say that it pushes myself to explore and stay up to date with newer, latest stuffs. It's also extremely rewarding when you hear back from your mentees.

That said, I'm upfront with my mentees on things I don't know or can't help with. Eg. I don't do mock interviews because I'm not trained as an interviewer. I'm happy to share how I prepare (like below) but I wouldn't misrepresent that as something else.

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Alright, finally have time to elaborate. So, Leetcode isn't a bad thing or a bad platform entirely. (Tho I definitely wouldn't argue if you think otherwise.) But you won't pass interviews just by mindlessly solving leetcode problems.



That's it for my thread this week. Hopefully this would inspire you to mentor others who could benefit from your experience. 😁