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Alright, finally have time to elaborate. So, Leetcode isn't a bad thing or a bad platform entirely. (Tho I definitely wouldn't argue if you think otherwise.) But you won't pass interviews just by mindlessly solving leetcode problems.


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Just do leetcode

What’s the worst interview advice you’ve ever heard?

- @Polywork


People seems to miss that interviewing is about getting to know the person (both ways). Solving the leetcode question is just the medium. Something like, calling an Uber is ultimately about getting a ride. The app by itself, is just a medium.

In that same spirit, it's not just about if you can provide the perfect solution in the interview. It's also about how you discuss the problem, ask clarification questions, and think through the problem to reach the solution.

One of the things that helped me a lot in preparing for coding interview isn't filling out solutions on the leetcode website. (You can try look me up, my profile there is pretty empty.) But rather, I spend time working on the problem with friends on a whiteboard.

This improved my ability to discuss and explain my thought process greatly. I also learn to pay attention to which part needed further clarification with the interviewer just like when I'm explaining them with my peers.

Tldr, don't just learn the perfect solution, learn to communicate your idea, solution, and thought process. The interviewer wants to know you, not the right answer.