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I really like the initiative on this. It's still too early to see how frequent / timely the updates will be pushed. (Afaik, covid case data is updated on Twitter before its pushed to the official API.)


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(1/3) As vaccination ramps up, I recognise the importance data sharing and public scrutiny.

Accordingly, CITF has launched and will maintain a public Github repository of key PICK data:


The data is relatively simple and clean. I think csv is fine since it'll probably take a while (hopefully never) for it to become an issue for most use cases.


Technically you don't need to access / parse both files. If you just parse the state data and infer the nationwide data from there easily. Maybe we don't really need the nationwide data file; or maybe it could be 17 separate files (13 states + 3 WP + 1 nationwide) instead.


It's interesting to see that some states have like single digit vaccination for certain days. I wonder what happened there. Maybe 10 make sense but 1 or 2 feels weird. Like did they only dispatched 1 diluted vial to the vaccination station for the day?


The thing that got my interest the most is the licensing since it doesn't use any of the generic software license you can find in Before you read any further, IANAL so read the analysis with a chunk of salt.


From my understanding of LAMPIRAN B - DATA TERBUKA KERAJAAN 1.0, it seems to read somewhat similar to Apache License 2.0. No warranty, no permission for trademark use, no permission for use of personally identifiable information (which there isn't any for now).


You can copy, publish, migrate, adapt, reference, merge the data for both commercial and non-commercial purpose. You are not required to open source / keep same license of your usage but you have to provide attribution on your product page back to the data source.


On top of everything else, I wonder what other data do they plan to make available in the future. # of scheduled vaccinations and # of no shows could be interesting.


Overall, I like what I see so far. Interesting to see what will the community build out from this. At the very least, providing such open data access is a commendable transparency act. Definitely a welcome one.


Oh yea, I guess the other wishful thinking is that maybe they can add breakdown for vaccination type as well. Will be interesting to see where which vaccines are going towards.