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Kinda what I want to be but I'm also always very weary of telling people I achieve all I have through hard work alone. Privilege played a huge role.


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I must admit that I am also jealous of those Malaysian-born & found success elsewhere who are then "claimed" as Malaysian pride. This is a personal psychological issue that I am & I hope I can deal with. A longing to be "accepted" too...


My SPM and high school results in general weren't great. (2As) Even my college and uni results were subpar. (ok, it's actually really bad.) But there are a few things that helped me a lot.

With almost pure luck, I got into school robotics team on Form 1. I guess I did work hard somewhat to maintain my position in the team but getting in was definitely more luck than skill.

I came to study in the US on my parent's dime. I did get partial scholarship but I actually lost the scholarship a few semesters in because my results was so bad I no longer qualify. (I had no idea why they even gave me one in the first place.)

Sure I did work hard going to hackathons, trying to do startup, spending time to meet and learn from the industry outside of just the university, but I was only afforded so because of my privilege, where I don't have to worry about survival.

Now, I don't mean I swim in money. I had enough money to share apartments, pay tuition, and get food. I could spend less on some place (or make side income) to travel a bit. Or, get travel reimbursement when going for hackathons or interviews.

I probably have a few more of these stories but anyway my point is, I sometimes have a different sort of impostor syndrome where I feel like I don't deserve what I have now. Or that if these resources I received could've been better used for someone else. 🤷

So yea I guess don't try to replicate what others have done, they probably have advantages you don't have and you might have something others doesn't(?). I don't feel like I'm in the position to say this lol but yea. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.