BinHong Lee


Penangite currently living in Arizona.

Excited about startups and entrepreneurship.
Co-founded Humanity X.
Won a few startup competitions along the way.
Also wrote a few articles on it.

Programmer by degree education.
Love the hacker culture.
Volunteered, participated, won, mentored and organized hacakthons.
Hackathon stickers all over laptop cover as street creds.

Huge interest in LEGO Robotics.
Competed in both FIRST LEGO League and World Robot Olympiad.
Mentored plenty of first time elementary school kids.
Refereed and Judged for Robots and Projects in FLL.

Avid gamer from Runescape to GunZ : The Duel (RIP),
Pokémon Gold to CnC Red Alert 2,
Maplestory to CS : Source,
Warcraft 3 (ROC & TFT) to DOTA2,